Thursday, March 31, 2011

The End of March

Today is the last day of March in the year 2011.  It's hard to believe that a quarter of the year has already flown by.  March has been a good month.  Quiet, steady, and rather emotionally unstable, in terms of weather.  lol.  It came in like a lamb, and went out like a lion up until this afternoon, when the sun came out, the streets dried, and everything started blooming again.  It's like even the weather is ready for April!  And as I reflect on the first quarter of the year, I am happy and satisfied!

The sun came out!
Ive gotten closer to my husband, my sister, and other family members.
My friends at work are amazing, and are more like family than ever before.  I delight in that comfort.
I've made decisions about the future, speculations about what will happen, and provisions to set things in motion.
I'm so excited about Spring and everything that comes with it.
I've had opportunities to sit and be with myself, and ponder.  I really do like to ponder.
And I've questioned things.
I feel safe with where I am, and with the knowledge that I am evolving.
I think I've laughed at more silly things lately, than combined in the last 10 years.
And I'm taking as many pictures as possible, about any and everything!  And I'm blogging.  It feels so good to get back to blogger. 

And I guess I'm feeling pretty introspective tonight, but I think I can also attribute this to the fact that I'm sleepy.  It's been a long and busy, but good, week, and I'm looking forward to getting under the blanket on the couch and watching "The Founding of America" with the hubby.  I've forewarned him that it's quite possible that I will be falling asleep within minutes of the program being started, but as long as it's expected, why fight it?  heh.  :)

I wish your end-of-March well!
May your beginning-of-April be swell!

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