Sunday, March 20, 2011

Breakout Kings

Oh, lazy Sundays, how I do love thee!
We started watching "Breakout Kings" today.  We had been watching the "See No Evil" movie on Syfy, and somehow or another, the previews for this show came up, and while I wasn't immediately drawn, Gary was, and lucky for us, the pilot episode, as well as the next one, were coming on after the movie.  (The third and new episode comes on tonight at 10 on A&E... I will be sleeping.)  But anyways, the moment Gary turned it on A&E, I was like "isn't it my turn to choose a movie?"...  There's only so many "crime" related shows a person can watch...  However, we did start watching the show and within the first 5 minutes, I was hooked!  A mighty fine hook by the way, if I can go ahead and give those props!

The premise of the show is that a team of "experts" is assembled to catch escaped convicts.  It was said that the probability of finding an escaped convict goes down to 5% after the first 72 hours, therefore the need for the team of experts.  But what makes this team different, is that the experts are actually convicted felons serving time themselves.  They get to go on these "field-trips" when they are needed to help solve a case, and if they behave well and catch the escapee, they go back to the more minimal security prison, and have a month shaved off their sentence.  Interesting?  Yes!  And I'm really enjoying the characters so far!  Of course, the convict who knows everything but has a troubled past, is my favorite, but then again, every single one of the characters seems to have a troubled past - even the main police dudes!  And I think that harks to the fact that everyone - every single person in the world - has an issue.  And you know, I think I can safely say that I agree and take claim to that... claim!

If you have a chance, you need to watch it... if you like that sort of thing.  The idea is something that is not altogether fresh ("White Collar" on USA is similar in theory, as well as "Leverage" with Timothy Hutton), but it is extremely well done here in my opinion, and the plots are just enough to keep you entertained for an hour.  The only problem is that it comes on late, and on Sundays, so I'm just hoping that they re-play it enough again and again and again during the week, during a time that I can catch it.  :)


In other news, our onion is sprouting... and it's not supposed to be.
I've never really seen an onion sprout before, and it hasn't even been that long since we've had it.
I guess it's been that long since I've looked at it though.  lol.
I have half a mind to plant it.  But I'd want to research "planting onions" first.  :)
Maybe when we get the garden going, I'll save a place for it.

Hehe... title of blog: Breakout Kings...
And oddly enough, the onion sprouts are "breaking out" - like kings!
Har har harrrrr.

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