Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just another...

Manic Thursday!

Today was beyond busy!  Work has been slammed this week, and I was literally working until the last second trying to get things done...  and some things get to wait until Monday.  It was good though!  I do believe that I would rather be running around like crazy then poking around looking for things to do.  Yes, today was good!  I love it when there's lots of laughter - and even more, when we have a full house!  You can feel the energy radiating from every corner of the room, and all it takes is one spark to set us all off, in a good way of course.  :)

I got another box of goodies to go through (tomorrow hopefully)!  I still need to sort and divide up the last set and figure out what to use, and this new box should be fun as well!  I am also borrowing a Pike's Garden center magazine this weekend.  I need to take notes so that I can get my garden going.  I also need to go look for some awesome containers to hold it all in.  I. Am. So. Excited. About. This. Garden!!!  I can't wait to grow things, and I really hope it turns out well!  I think I'm most excited about the containers - I can't wait to see it all coming together, and then to actually have produce, wow!

I met up with my sister for dinner tonight.  I decided it was going to be a good idea to go straight from work instead of leaving work, driving N to home, then leaving home, and driving way S to Laura's.  There are enough activities to entertain me between work and Laura's, that I figured a little extra time to waste would be a good thing.  And so it was!  I decided to stop at IKEA.  And I had specific instructions not to buy anything, which in IKEA is a very, very hard thing to do.  They have so many deals, and small, little, cheap things to buy, that walking out of there empty handed isn't conducive to being "Nancy".  But, somehow or another, I managed.  I think having a mini notebook and a pen in hand really helped.  lol.  Oh, and I didn't grab a cart (even though their carts are really fun to drive around...).  I just walked around, analyzed things, and wrote down what I was considering buying.  :)  So now I can go over it with Gary and persuade him.  lol.

It was great to see Laura!  She's getting used to her new job, which means she's exhausted right now, which is completely understandable.  Going to a full time job after not having one ever, is tough.  But she'll get used to it, and she's probably going to love it!  I think it's going to be a real good opportunity for her!  But we got to catch up a bit and talk about those early wedding plans, and we even looked at dresses - we are such girls.  But it's so much fun!  And we talked about venues, and looked at some websites.  I'm going to try and do some more research soon for her - They're looking for something unique, in Atlanta, for not a lot of money, and a good time table.  I think the perfect place is out there, and we'll find it hopefully!

I feel the need to get a binder and use my light pink lined paper, pens in every shade of the rainbow, and take notes.  And then get tabs, separate all of my notes, into sections, and then present it to her in a official presentation - complete with color copies of the venue websites, pricing sheets, and appointments.  lol.  I'm going to try to contain myself though...  I'll start small (jotting down notes in my pocket journal) and graduate to the serious stuff (full-fledged notebook of extremely detailed details...).

Maybe we could use - oh - about 100 of these at the reception??
That's so Nancy.  :)

P.S.  Music is amazing!  I'm astounded sometimes at it's ability to speak.  And I really really enjoyed singing to some of my favorite songs on the way home tonight! 

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