Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, FTW

Last week, I was declaring that Wednesday's would not get the best of me (or something like that...). Today, I'm ready to put this Wednesday to bed.

The day was good, but this afternoon was a bit stressful and now, as I am laying in bed next to a sleeping babe, reading about Peter and Gabby, I feel like I'm in the weird state of mood. I'm not depressed (eventhough I feel like I should be even the slightest bit), but rather energized... but that may be a result from my weirdness. #justsayin

For example, tonight when I was removing my makeup and the day-old mascara was smearing across my cheeks as I wiped it with tissue, I couldn't help but remind myself that I looked like the adult stuck in a child's body who starred in the horror movie "The Orphan". You know the part towards the end where she goes crazy and starts smearing her mascara and removing her teeth? Yea, well that was me tonight without the whole goin-crazy, missing teeth, and black hair in pigtails part. Just the mascara.

And earlier, I snapped a picture of a pot of bubbles that I had on the stove. I was boiling bottle nipples, plastic rings and pacis and since I added a dab of soap to the water, it bubbled up, quite spectacularly, and I snapped a picture and notioned it to my making of a witches brew.  You know, double double toil and trouble and all the like.  But alas, I was just cleaning.

Weird, yes.
Go home Wednesday.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Night in the Catacombs

"They descended into the depths and took in the surroundings that would keep them company for the night. Millions of eye sockets stared back and offered no solace for what would the most memorable, and most sleepless, night of their life. But would it be the tales of lives-past whispered to them as their minds drifted to dreams of other worlds? Would it be the sound of pure silence and solitude mixed with the feeling that they are, perhaps, in more company than ever? Only Hallows’ Eve would tell."

I just entered a Airbnb contest to win a night's stay in Paris' catacombs on Halloween..

Cheers to hoping that this is the winning entry! ;)
We have our passports and are ready to go... we think.  How intense would this be?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yahoo Farms, Jasper

Today, we took our annual jaunt to the mountains to visit a patch of pumpkins.  We stumbled across Yahoo Farms last year on the way home from Blue Ridge, and we loved it so much that we came back this year!  We will easily be adding it to our list of must-do annual events!  Who doesn't love a pumpkin patch?  Especially when there are other events to behold including a hayride, corn maze, pumpkin hunt and etc... :)

Price list.  Gobs of fun for reasonable prices.  

A real life pumpkin patch!  So cool!
Loads of larger-than-life pumpkins for taking pictures of and for chasing toddlers around.  Ha!
This is probably my favorite picture from the whole day.  She was a HUGE fan of the gourds and carried this one around for a good 20 minutes.  #onegourdtorulethemall
Penny "winning".  Plain and simple.

They had this little "pumpkin hunt" event for all of the kids under 8.  They basically put a whole bunch of tiny pumpkins in a field and when they say "go", all the kids all let loose to run free and "find" one special pumpkin to take home.  By the end of it, Penny had four in her hands and was giving away two to another little girl in the group.  Yay for sharing.  Not so yay for our counting skills... just yet.  Twas so cute though!

Penny got to meet Milo!  They played together for a quick minute on the little playground and Penny also watched Milo take his first trip on a pony ride.  He is so cute!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The steam was rising off of the sign out front.  Facing the sun, the morning dew stood no chance but to be heated and evaporated at first light.  This made her smile.  And that may or may not have been even the slightest bit sadistic.

But she was in a curious mood this morning, so that thought didn't seem to bother.

She had had a rough night and dreaming, interspersed with nightmares and off-feelings, and the sun was almost too much to handle.  But as she gazed off into it,  she took a breath and faced the day.

Wednesday's would never break her.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I started a new book last night.  I'm going through books like whoa these days.  lol.  I'm so glad I have my Kindle.  #justsayin
Anyways, I started reading Beyond Doubt, book 2 in the Beyond series by Karice Bolton. I wasn't sure if I was going to go there.  I believe there are 7 books total in the series, and I started reading Beyond Control (book 1) after the high that the Luke Fletcher series left.  I was hoping it would be similar.  And to tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed.  The writing was bad not what I was accustomed to based on her other series, and I was having trouble keeping the characters straight. However, it was based in Seattle (where my spirit animal lives, remember?) and the characters were in fact intriguing enough to leave me wondering about them a few days later.  So, after a sabatacle to Anne Stuart's Black Ice (book 1 in the series... more on that to come), I decided to come back to Bolton and give book 2 a try.

Good thing!
Book 2 is SO MUCH better!  It the same time frame as the first book but the focus is on the other two main characters, and for whatever reason, it's better.  It has me giddy.  It has me smiling at the book and catching my breath, and you know what, there is even this underlying unsettledness that I seem to love, which is keeping me even more intrigued.  (Who sent the flowers?? )  Not to mention, Aaron wears a suit AND has a tongue piercing.  Why is that so hot?

Anywho, I'm about a third of the way through it after last night's reading and am looking forward to finishing it!

Oh and guess what I saw this morning?
Atlanta was blessed with an amazing sunrise after so much rain!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What is it...?

Yesterday was a rough day for me.  Apparently...
I had an emotional day.  I ugly-cried on the way to pick up Penny.  Ug-ly.
Luckily, G was there to listen and just let me get it out.  Which I needed to do.  Apparently...

I am trying to put my faith in God and His timing.  He has a plan that is beyond our knowledge and I must remember that and not get overwhelmed by the day-to-day.

Yesterday's prayer requests included:
- A friend's baby granddaughter who is in a precarious situation at home right now and just needs love and care.  And that friends daughter... that she may come to her senses and do what's best for the baby.
- A friend who was in the hospital yesterday with a ruptured cyst who was told that she needs to get checked for ovarian cancer.  She is just slightly younger than me and her son just turned one on Tuesday.  I cannot imagine how terrified she must be, but I pray that she finds strength and trust in God and feels the love that we have for her.
- Guidance for myself and my little family.  An opportunity has presented itself for me and I am going to take a chance on it as a way of putting my faith in God.  This could be meant to be.

If you were following me on instagram, twitter and Facebook, you may have gotten a feel for my angst in certain channels.  I definitely posted on twitter.  I was more vague on instagram, and even less so on facebook.  It's interesting how I am using these outlets and what all I am able to share with these different factions.

Above all, I am finding myself constantly going back to this statement:
"Everything to the glory and praise of His name."
And making sure that everything I do is lining up with what God intends for me to do.

Today, I am in a much better space!
My hair is a mess, but I am wearing this cute little flouncy top with bell sleeves and waist.  And it's a beautiful dark green.  It feels so fall!
And it's October now, so it is more than appropriate... even if I am still wearing my sandals.  :)