Friday, March 25, 2011


The city of Woodstock, GA is definitely growing.  They've finished the construction on the road, they've added park benches and container gardens of beautiful flowers, and their expanding list of eateries is attracting a healthy amount of fresh individualists looking for a warm place to "hang".  Woodstock is responding to that, and pleasing the people!  It's so great to see new businesses opening and new homes being built just off Main Street.  This year has already been really good for the little city, and I can only imagine what the next few years will bring!

We were able to walk about Woodstock tonight.  We had originally planned on going there for the annual Streetfest, but after parking easily and seeing not many people about, we figured that it must ::really:: be scheduled for tomorrow - during the storms...  But I'm sure the party will go on anyways, and that it will be fun as well!  So we were there, and we decided to look around.  We visited Blue Frog Imports, a funky and fresh new store featuring little items and trinkets from all over.  Lots of bright colors (and I mean bright and loud!), tons of little figurines, and fresh scents.  The soy candles all over radiated their own new scent for each area.  And while it's not a huge store, it's packed full of goodies!  There are cute signs that have been hand-painted with little sayings, handmade jewelry, and some really cool pottery!  Definitely a place to go back to, especially to savor the chance to support a local business!

After browsing Blue Frog, we crossed the street and headed for the good stuff - Yoguri.  We had seen this new store from Main Street the other day, and although we couldn't tell what it was without being right next to it, we could see that it was bright, open, and the sign resembled something like a yogurt swirl.  Today, we were determined to find out what it was.  And it was yogurt!  Very good yogurt, to be exact!  It's a self-serve style sort-of-place where you go in, grab a cup, fill it with as many flavors of yogurt as you want, and then pile on the toppings.  They weigh your concoction at the end, and then you enjoy!  It's simple and satisfying!  And it was really good!  The entire place is very clean! The walls are all white with very little signage - which means very little distractions. It adds to the simplicity of it all! The only colors in there are the stunning tiles along the yogurt wall, and the array of colors from the toppings. They had a few metallic tables on the inside and just outside, and the whole place was so conducive to stopping in, grabbing a snack, and sitting and watching. Woodstock is beginning to bud into a great place to watch people, so I'm happy to oblige. :)

Tonight, they had 8 flavor yogurt choices:
Original (greek yogurt)
Taro (hazelnut)
Peanut Butter
And I sampled the pomegranate, chocolate, and the original.  I put about a tablespoon of each into the bottom of the cup and then topped it with chocolate sprinkles, blackberries, strawberries, and kiwi.  Gary, being the peanut butter lover that he is, tried the peanut butter yogurt and then topped it with Reese's Pieces, chocolate chips, and gummy bears.  He said it was lovely!  (I'm rubbing off on him...  hehe).  I totally agree!  All of the yogurt flavors were light but had a great heartiness - the pomegranate was excellent, and the 'original' was my favorite!  It's the greek yogurt flavor, so there was a tanginess there that went really well with the fruit. 

And then the toppings ranged from fresh fruit (yumm!), to nuts, to candy, to cereal.  Like I said, I was impressed - it happens fairly easily!

And it was a pretty "happening" place. They've been open for two weeks, and there was already a steady stream of people going in to try it. It helps though to have an awesome location! The girls in there was very sweet and even allowed me to take pictures. They asked me if I was a journalist! Gary told them "She wishes" (which I do) and then I told them that I was a "Blogger", and that it was for my blog. Lol. They seemed mildly impressed. I felt the need to pull out a business card and pass it out, but alas, no blog business card.

All in all, it was a great night to be outside, and with some frozen yogurt in hand, it was even better!

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Jessica (Cummings) Willoughby said...

I grew up in Woodstock until I was 12. When we moved there in 1987 the McDonald's on 92 had just been built (I remember them placing the 50's dancers in front). I haven't been back in years, it's good to know that the 'little' town of Woodstock is not so little anymore.