Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wheel... Of...


Wheel of Fortune was on our TV tonight.  The winner, an exaggeratedly excited man, who has apparently been waiting for this for 30 years, won every toss-up, a few of the puzzles, AND the final puzzle.  And after every win, he would be so sooo excited, that he would spin and dance around and smile and freak-out to the point that Pat even asked him if he needed a paper bag, and more seriously, if he was "okay".  No seriously... (serious face :])  The man assured Pat, and everyone watching, that he was okay, and we all moved on.  Much to our glee!  We must have subconsciously known that we were going to see his pronounced excitement in just a few more moments.  And that made the show exciting!

At any rate, I have never laughed or smiled so hard at that show.  lol.  Pure joy, I dare say, is a rarity these days in terms of "screened" TV and so foreign in fact, that it was even mistaken as something being wrong.
"Are you okay?"
No, Pat.  I'm just happy, and really excited.
(crowd gasps...)
I smile, and Gary laughs.

It was cute!  It's inspiring even.  It makes you want to go outside and scream, or get in front of a camera, and smile uncontrollably, or burst into laughter... because you're happy!

It could and would happen.
And it would catch on.
And people at home would watch, and start smiling.
And there'd be an epidemic of happy people all over the world.
We wouldn't mistake joy for pain.
And we wouldn't scoff at the overwhelming joy.
We would join in.
We would dance around the room.
We would laugh until we cried.
And we would share a sort of universal charm.

And we would watch TV and wonder about "drama".
What is this "drama" you speak of?
Can you even imagine TV without it?

I don't know... I think things would be so different, that a new drama would inevitably arise.
It'd probably deal with something along the lines of a weird laugh, or a crooked smile...
Or would the universal charm and happiness be enough to overcome all drama?

Hmm... deep thoughts from such a random show...

What I really came here to talk about tonight was the fact that Pat and Vanna have not changed a wink in the entire time I've been watching them... in years I mean.  They haven't changed or aged at all...
It's a bit awkward.

Other points of interests:
Clouds (aren't they always?  Interesting, that is?)
Cuties (the orange), and yes they are by the way.
Buttons - as in "cute as a button"
Q-tips and lent, and the connection between the two...
Cotton balls, and how they are superior!
Avon Skin-So-Soft
The "Alphabetically Last" category on Jeopardy - and how I would be awful at that category...

Gasp... a picture of the sky, and a random piece of fruit, on myyyy blog?
Making waves, indeed!
Left: This afternoon's cloudy skies.
Right: A "cutie"!  They're fabulous by the way! 

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