Thursday, March 17, 2011


I had a good time hanging pictures with Debbie and Kitty today!  Apparently it takes 3 of us to hang a  picture, and then since there were 4 pictures, well, you can imagine it took a quick minute.  But it was fun... and they even turned out mostly straight.  :)

And lucky for us, (lucky - st.patty's day - heh) we're all short, so attempting to hang a picture half way up the wall equals good times and laughter!  But we had a step stool, level, tape measure, pencil, screws in our pockets, a hammer, a calculator, some post-it notes, a screwdriver, and the pictures... and we got the job done!  lol.

And that was the "hanging pictures" part.  First, we had to decipher my note.  Second, we had to undo two of the frames, switch the contents, reclose the frames, check for specks, and since there was one, reopen the frame, remove said speck and dust the glass, put back together, rework the hanging wire, and then we were ready to go.  And third was the hanging of the pictures.

It was really funny, and it felt good to laugh!
I love these girls.  :)

Phew - and it's good to be able to check this off the list!

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