Saturday, March 5, 2011


So, the last couple of nights, I have had the pleasure of weird dreams.  And since I only remember snippets of each, I thought I'd get em down before they ran away for good.

From two nights ago:
Me, Gary, and Laura were at this hotel/school/mall place.  I remember that Gary and I were staying there, and we were walking down the hallway, which was ridiculously long, wide, dark (think dark blues though instead of ::dark::, and rampy, which meant that it was going up and down.  Well, we met up with Gary's dad and brother at the food court, and remembered that we had forgotten to check our mail back in one of the rooms.  First of all, the fact that we were getting mail on this little trip was weird.  Secondly, the fact that we were worried enough about it to go all-the-way back over to that room to get it, was another shocker, but we did.  This is where Laura appeared.  We were all walking back to the room, up and down the ramps, for miles and miles it seemed, with other little groups around us, all minding their own business.  So, we finally made it to the classroom/mail room, and although I don't remember checking the mail, I remember the room being really big, and set-up sort of like pre-school classroom, but for adults.  There were stations, and wide open areas to seemingly run-around, and a big table in the middle for discussing "big" things.  And there was a huge oval shaped t-screen over the table, for watching tables about the "big" things.  And, everything still has the "blue" darkness.  Well, there wasn't a class going on, but the professor dude was there talking to another person, probably a student, and I noticed that the screen was on.  The screen was showing a close-up picture of the moon, astronaut style, meaning it was like we were in a shuttle simulator, approaching the moon.  And as we got closer, it was apparent that the moon was officially part of the sky.  It was actually scabbed over into the sky, and you could see the membrane stretching across the moon, and into the sky.  And it made perfect sense to me since we only see one side of the moon anyways, the moon never ::leaves:: that spot, and thus the scab.  :)  I remember being awe-struck, ad staring at it for a long time.  And I'm not sure what happened next.

Last night:
There was obviously another dream before this snippet, but like I said, I only remember part.
There was a large lap pool, and me and some other people were enjoying jumping into the pool, floating down to the bottom, touching the bottom, and then rocketing back to the top.  We were all doing this, with our eyes open, looking at each other and smiling.  Well one time, we noticed the really deep part and decided to jump into it, me and two other girls, and we jumped down, and all of the sudden we were under-water at this large pole, trying to connect something to the power source.  (I know, power source, under water, huh?)  And we were working at it and working at it, and we were running out of air, so I went up, got a deep breath, jumped back down, and shared the breath with them.  We continued working for a few moments, and we were running out of air again so the other girl went up, got some air, came back down, and started letting the air out (I think she thought that we were just going to catch them in our mouths and be okay).  Well after a while of unsuccessfully getting the power supply connected, we got ready to go back up.  And we had to take a huge metal tray, a bucket of popcorn, and a few other things up with us.  (huh?)  So we get back up and climb out of the pool and there are all of these people sitting right at the edge of the pool in folding chairs watching.  They were fully clothed, and rather drone-like, just sitting and staring.  And a few of them were holding bunches of branches of a white flowering tree.  After noticing this, I looked around and the girls were gone.  For some reason I do know that one of the girls was angry about something, and she stormed off.  I didn't see which way they went, so I asked them, and this guy pointed me towards a path in the brush/ woods.  I decided to follow, so I set off.  And then I was woken up.


Hours later, I've had a full day.
We had breakfast with my cousin and her fiance.  We talked about wedding details and just had a great time!  I am so happy for them, and look forward to seeing them as much as possible!
We also spent some time having a "painting party", where fun things always happen.  We mistook our ginger ale cup for our "dirty water" cup, threw paint brushes on ourselves, and made lots of designs like tie-dye, Rorschach ink-blots, flowers, angels, etc.  And we even experimented with some vintage stained-glass kits.  They turned out really cute, but the "chemical odor" that was warned about in the directions, was overwhelmingly apparent... and a good clue as to why they aren't around anymore.  lol.  At any rate, we had a blast making them and painting, and made good fun out of positive nastiness outside.

What do you see?

I'm wondering what dreams tonight will bring.
I hope, above all, that they will be memorable!
Sweet dreams to all! 

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