Friday, May 8, 2009


And I find it rather pleasing to note that my latest blog post was almost a year ago before my last. Pleasing not necessarily in a 'yay i haven't blogged in forever way' but pleasing in a 'wow, look at how time has flown'...

All is well here, and everything will work out!
I am still in love with my husband.
We are still living with my madre and sister.
I have grown away from some people I love,
... but made more friends.
I am taking risks and chances.
I am traveling.
And I am looking forward to the future...
... whatever that may bring.

Going over past blogs is always interesting. I revel in the idea that I can go back and read what I have written about my daily life, and reflect upon how I have changed.

I still think that this is one of the best ways to let people listen.

And until the next opportunity arises, I'm spent.



After being quizzed about what I would like for a potential birthday present, and checking for some suggestions, I discovered lomography.

Although it is a bit complicated to describe, lomography basically embraces the ideals of breaking the rules of photography and shooting "from the hip". It's about abstraction, mistakes, and interest without purpose and without plan. It highlights intense coloring, vignette framing, and light leaks. I, personally, have always been attracted to this style of photography without knowing what it actually was. I had a strange attraction to the chaos of it and the unnatural beauty, and now that I have a name to call it by, I feel better purposed. lol

Needless to say, obtaining a Holga or Diana (camera specifically designed for lomography... kinda ironic there) became the goal of my 24th Birthday present requests.

And it shall be acheived!

I am going to stick with the true self of lomography and go with the camera that uses the 120 film as opposed to the 35mm. Although I hear that the film is a bit harder to come by and get developed, I figure the trouble is worth it and simply a part of the process of lomography at it's finest.

And hopefully I will be able to get it before the trip to New York in just over 2 weeks. I figure that would give me some ground for discovery and practice.

All in all, I hope to be able to produce some interesting shots, and put them up so that people can share in my new-found love!

All Smiles! :)