Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yo Mamma!

A few years back, there was this reality show on MTV called "Yo Mamma".  Neighbor'hood' peoples from different parts of a large city would come together, usually in a back alleyway and fight it out - with words.  Using sharp zingers and the oh-so-popular "Yo Mamma" jokes (?), the two "hoods" or Crews would see if they could one-up the other and thereby win bragging rights of the city... basically, you tell the best zing, you win.  And then it escalates to a park or basketball court, and there's even a freestyle round.  It's great, and educational, and funny!  And apparently, it is coming back, just in a different fashion.

At work, while I wouldn't say that we are "hood" experts, we get around, we are pretty street savvy, and we have access to google - pretty much all of the time, thanks to cell phones.  And it's not like we're segregated into "neighborhoods" either, BUT we do have tables.  And those tables are taking on our personalities.  It's humorous.  And I could totally go into how each table is seriously representative of each person there, but I think I'll save that for another day.  ;)  Anywho, lately at work, and maybe it's all of the kinetic energy running loose around because of the storms, people have been zing-y.  Particularly the middle table and the corner table (since "front" or "back" table could not be officially decided, I will use "corner table" as it's current identifier).  Well, the middle table is always particularly zingy, but when the corner table is full, a whole new dimension is added!  (And yes, that is a bold exclamation point, in case you were wondering)!  One member of the "Corner Table 'Hood'" (as we will now refer to it) has always been zingy as well, but the new kid on the block, or out of the closet, in terms of zingyness, is causing the rest of the 'Hoods to be like "Oh-no-she-did-didn't.." We, and by we, I mean the other tables, represent the neighborhood folk who cheer on, "OOOoooohhhh", and cringe when a zinger is particularly sharp.  lol.  And it has been ab-solutely hilarious to watch/listen to!

At any rate, today was rainy, stormy, and oh so cloudy.  There were sporatic flashes of bright lightning, and long rumbles of thunder.  The windows would shake, and the steady rain provided a constant patter upon the roof that made the room buzz.  And then there was all of the energy in the air.  It felt tingly.  And I think it added to the fun in the room.  Everyone was feisty, and not in a harsh way at all, but in a funny/sarcastic/kidding sort of way.  Insults and zings were flying, people were practically standing with their hands on their hips, snapping in z-formation, and responding to the "ohhhs" and gasps from the crowd.  And the crowd... we really could do nothing but just watch and listen.  There was little room for us to intrude, and who would want to quite frankly?  Entertainment at it's finest!  hehe

And this verbal competition is in no way close to being over, and it's hard to tell which "Crew" is going to win - in that manner of speaking.  But I think that these verbal jousts are all in a day's work!  And for us, it leaves us all with smiles, snickering with joy, and good fellowship!


Yes, it was a good day!  Despite the rain, our spirits were high and we spent a large portion of the day smiling.  :)  Even all the way home, and now, a smile is still upon my face.  I love days like today!

I made oven-roasted Mojo Chicken and a squash casserole for dinner.  Both turned out perfectly!  I blame it on the weather... and that random kinetic energy stuff...  ;)

Squash is favorite!

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