Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today, another dream story.  :)


Me, and a whole bunch of friends and random people, were traveling in an double-wide RV (or at least that’s what it feels like now). The ride was bumpy, but no one really seemed to care much. All of the rooms were packed, and we were all heading “home”. And it seemed like we were all in school together. I recognize one guy from high school, a few from my college years, and even some extended family. One guy was trying to dress me, designer style, and was trying his hardest to come up with the next big outfit. He was getting frustrated with me because I didn’t think his designs looked good. It included something along the lines of tucking in this really baggy shirt… And it’s like he was dressing me on the porch (overlooking a forest) and he would pull the curtain back when he was ready to display his masterpiece. I wasn’t buying it. And there was this other guy who was talking about how he had a date, but he didn’t really call it a date, it was more of just a “catching-up” but everyone around him was trying to reassure him that it was a date, especially since they were going out again that night. He seemed relieved. I remember hangers, empty hangers hanging up, from some sort of string going across the room. The rooms were so packed with people. And in the kitchen, there were a lot of potted flowers and plants around the sink. I turned the water on, to try and water one, but watched the water pour into the plant, and then flow back out and on to the floor, there was some sort of gap between the sink and the counter, that the water flowed through. I remember wondering if anyone was going to get a paper towel and clean it up…

We arrived at the “event”. Picture a very large drive-in (the one on Moreland Ave kinda comes to my mind now) that is covered in grass and old, dilapidated walls and run-down buildings. There are people everywhere! There is going to be a screening of a movie, and this is apparently the event of the season, because everyone is getting ready for it. I check my phone and see that my sister had called, so I called her back, and my great aunt’s husband answers. I can’t really understand him, but there was something about she came to spend time with us, she missed us, and how I was supposed to know that another person in the family was going to be dying soon. I think I was supposed to feel bad for not being there, and I kind of did. So everyone is running around getting ready. There’s a superhero theme, so the costumes abound and are pretty random, and before I know it, everyone is making the trek towards the entrance of the event… seemingly just around the bend of the hill over there. Let me explain this landscape further. I mentioned the grassy knolls surrounded by a forest, and these hills are huge. Like construction site hills that have been covered in grass. And in the valley, and then kinda up another little hills is where the main event takes place, but it is surrounded by the run down building and rusting structures. So you can’t see inside. But I imagine you could hear what was going on if you were on the outside. And as everyone is walking towards the gate, they are having to walk on the top of where two of the hills come together. So if you happen to walk too far to the right or left, you would go sliding down, but not in a scary way, just a you-are-going-to-roll-down-the-hill sort of way.

Like I said, everyone is getting ready and heading that way. I am not ready. I’m not sure if I’m not dressed, or if I don’t have the correct change (there’s some glimmer of a memory about $7 and it being borrowed from me), and I think as I am about half-way there, I realize this, and decide that I need to look for my car. I feel like I walk around for a very long time, and not just around, but up and down these hills I was talking about. And you know sometimes when you are walking up a steep hill, it’s very hard to move? Almost impossible to go forward? That’s how I felt like I was walking the whole time. Well, I eventually found my car. It was down towards the end of the parking lot, almost where it ends, and you could begin to see some residential houses. It’s like the very end of the Renaissance Festival parking lot, down in the corner (literally). I decided that since I was so late, I would drive to the main gate and hopefully find a parking spot. (This was after finding one ticket booth that had closed at 8:03 (the event started at 8:00) and apparently I had just missed it). As I was beginning to get started, there were still all of the costumed persons walking around, and one group, dressed like the Power Rangers, or some sort of crime-fighting group, decided they wanted to challenge me. And they all posed. Well, I didn’t have time, so I just drove around them, and kept going.

I drove to the main gate, and amazingly found a parking spot right in front. Talk about Rock Star. It was even so right, that it felt wrong, and I was hoping that there wouldn’t be a ticket on my windshield when I got back. I went inside the ticket booth (an old dilapidated building with chicken wire for windows, and old rotting wood) and saw that they were closed to, but were serving food. The way that they were making the burgers was interesting. There was a conveyor belt of sorts and the hamburgers were lined up in twos going down the belt, and the guy at the end would grab both of them, slap on the toppings, put a bun on, and then pack them up. It was weird. But not too weird. And then there was this other guy; Short-ish and maybe in his 30s, bald, but in good spirits. I was talking to him about getting into the event and he seemed pretty hesitant to help me. He was trying to “deal” with me. He told me he could get me in if I bought a drink and gave an extra $25 dollars, he added with a sketchy smile. I think the charge to get into this event was like $3. I scoffed, told him no, and begin backing away. Then he told me that I could go ahead and eat at least. I figured that was an okay suggestion, so I ordered a burger and fries (no, the fries weren’t ready yet, so I got the tater tots, and a soda). I was sitting at a high-top table, close to the edge of the building, but in front of the counter, when he brought me my food. He asked if I thought I could eat it all in 10 minutes. I shrugged, acknowledged the challenge, and began eating at normal pace – I think another deal was made.

And then I woke up.


Today, we've done nothing but watched Indiana Jones...
On the couch, in the living room, with sleepy kitties about.
The rain has stopped, but it's still cloudy.
And very still.  Everything is very still.

Pear stained glass made with vintage kit.

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