Saturday, March 12, 2011

Learn to Fly

I have another ear infection, this time in the left, same dealio though (inner and outer).  :/
More meds, different meds, and the hopes that it will heal fast and let me sleep tonight!


Today was super busy, but good!

We got to celebrate my Pawpaw's birthday this morning.
Then we went to the CVS Minute Clinic.  Next time I'm sticking to Wellstar Urgent Care.  We were there for almost 2 hours total, had to fight over the medicines the RN prescribed - she prescribed $230 antibiotics... I assured her there was no way I was taking them, and made her change.  Then we came back to the house, and watched a movie. highlighted Laura's hair, stopped by Home Depot and Moes, and then drove Laura back home.  I was so drowsy that I slept the majority of the way ::slash:: 'slept-sang' to 90s.  It was amusing I'm sure.  lol.

And in honor of the wonderful 90s music playing on the airwaves every weekend on Star 94, here is a music video from Foo Fighters - a goodie!  And so is the video, yo!  :)

We drove by the airport on the way back.  I love seeing the runways, and the lights, and the planes coming and going.  Makes we want to go somewhere via aeroplane...

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