Monday, March 14, 2011

Looking up!

Today has been better.
I have a bit more energy and my spirits are higher, which is good.
I'm not moping around as much and I'm finding that the pain is more manageable today, with advil.
My ear is still swollen shut, which makes me wince whenever I (or Gary) tries to touch it.  When the doctor touched it though, I didn't wince, and it didn't hurt (amazingly).  I was afraid that it was going to.
It's hard to eat because it hurts a bit to open my mouth.  So yogurt, chicken noodle soup, and fluids have been my friend.  I did have some chicken nuggets for lunch though.  It wasn't terribly hard to eat.
And I can barely hear... which is fun...  There is this rather loud, buzzing noise in my left ear, that when accompanied by trying to listen to anything else from my right ear, makes it complicated.  Gary is taking advantage of it, and moving his mouth without actually speaking... causing me to say "what?".  And then he starts laughing...  lol.  I'm glad I can be of entertainment.

I went to the doctor, and he prescribed me some prednisone, which is what I was hoping he would do.
I had that the last time I had an ear infection and the swelling cleared up within a few days.
And I now have it in my system, so I'm hoping it will work really fast!

Every now and then, I'll have a sharp pain or a gurgling sound or an air bubble that feels like it escaped.
I think that means that the meds are working.  I hope so at least.

I'm ready to get back to the groove of things!
I mean, I do so enjoy laying on the sofa watching 'Top Chef' marathons and episodes of Anthony Bourdain's 'No Reservations', but I miss my friends, and I miss the routine.

The kitties have been very sweet though.  I always enjoy witnessing a-day-in-the-life-of-a-cat.  For the most part, they sleep.  They play for a few minutes, bathe themselves and each other, run around, eat, but mostly they sleep.  And sometimes, they will even come pet me (or come over to me expecting to be petted).

I found them!  So sleepy...

But oh so cute!

Impressively fluffy and gorgeous clouds this afternoon!
Here's to looking up and things getting better!  :)

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