Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bag Lady

I suppose it's something that I've never actually realized, but as I found myself taking a picture of my bag, which holds another bag, I guess I sort of came to the conclusion that I am a "Bag Lady"...

And what can I say, I'm proud.  :)

I like bags.  Not only do I like them, but I collect them really.  And not the expensive, over-the-top purse sorts of bags, nah, I go for the dollar ones, the cheapies.  They're more fun anyways!  I've got Publix bags, Dr. Seuss bags, World Market bags, a houndstooth bag, a bright pink quilted bad with a zipper, and even a few "big" bags that I find hard to use.  lol

And while most of them get to rest in the closet, waiting for their chance to go out into the sun, a few bags travel with me on a daily basis...  the bag that holds my lunch, and the bag that holds the bag that holds my lunch.  :)  There's just enough space for me to slide in my calendar/notebook, and any other random sundries that I happen to pick up on a daily basis.  And sure, you may be thinking, "a bag to hold a bag?"
But I have to admit, I've always had a thing for bags, and I guess this is my way of having as many bags with me as possible, on a daily basis, without seeming ::too:: weird. 

Oh, and I also have a pouch within my purse, which is a variation of a bag within a bag.
It holds my chapstick, bobby pins, and change, at the very least.
And then my purse holds it.

It's cute really...

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