Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Bad Hair Day" Plant

And yet I feel like this plant is one that so closely matches the sentiment of my hair on an ::almost:: daily basis.  Not that I have "bad hair days", but that I have hair that likes to do whatever it wants, with little regard to what I want it to do... let alone for how long I want it to last.  I can walk out the door with a somewhat poised "do" and arrive at my destination, looking like this...
(well, sort of...)

Needlesstosay, I keep a round thing in my purse, and a slew of bobby pins in my pocket, just in case it gets too out of control.

I'm delighted in the fact that this plant embraces it's kinky-ness, and wears it proudly, day after day, and in the rain no doubt, as the elements persist.  It will be the first inhabitant of my garden, and I think that it will be a great example and a gentle reminder to all living things that surround it, that perhaps dishevelment is the prettiest anomaly of all, and in the case of this plant, I couldn't agree more!

The plant is called a Corkscrew Rush, and was a gift from my friend Kitty!
I can. not. wait to watch it grow!!

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