Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music Randoms

There are very few Cd's that I sit sit and listen to the whole thing through...  But the ones that I will, I love, and are my "go to" Cd's when I need to vent, or escape, or just sing (often, in the car, alone, so that I can belt it).  One of my favorites is "Kerosene" by Miranda Lambert.  Love, love, love this album.  Love the emotion, love the lyrics, and I love singing it.  Especially if I'm stressed, singing along to this album almost always turns my mood around. 

Other favorite albums include:
- Panic At the Disco- "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out".  I like that this album is like a story.  Each song leads to the next, and the lyrics are great!  Lots of fun and randomness - which is my kind of thing.  And the titles are realllly long, which is just quirky.  Another thing I like.

- Straylight Run- "Straylight Run".  I've had this cd for a long time, but have recently fallen in love with it over the 6 months.  A lot of the songs speak truth to what I've gone through, and the melodies are lovely!

- Maroon 5- "Songs About Jane".  What can I say, I'm a sucker for an easy, jazzy sound, with a good beat!

Other favorites that have gotten me through the years include Matchbox 20, Anna Nalick, and Hootie & The Blowfish.

And I'm currently looking to invest some time with Adele and Mumford & Sons.

I'm also developing my musical palette (as it were) by listening to more "Rock".  Surprisingly, I am finding favor with many songs.  I'm actually not that surprised.  A great singer with intriguing lyrics doesn't have to go far to win my respect.  Recent likes and loves: My Darkest Days, Seether, Shinedown, Rise Against.  I still haven't gone "Metal" yet, but that just seems too much like screaming to me... I guess we'll see.  I ::enjoy:: Country, Pop, Jazz, Foreign, Christian, Swing, Oldies, and etc. 

I love the 90s, and will always save a place in my heart for Matchbox 20, Wonderwall, and Counting Crows!  I've had some very close friends that have made their music extremely special to me, and that I can never change. 

That's what I like about music...  It creates such a personal connection, and it can be different for every person.


I got started on this late tonight...
It's a bit random and jumbly, I know.  :)
Sweet dreams!

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