Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snugs, Castles, and an Old, Wooden Cross

After yesterday's awful storms, it was surreal to see such a gorgeous day today!  The sun was shining, the air was fresh and warm, and it seemed all traces of unrest were gone.  And everyone seemed, for the most part, to be happier.  I believe it's true when they say that the environment in which you live can have a huge impact on your daily outlook.  I like the sun too much to live somewhere that is always forecasted with rain.  I mean, I do like the rain, and appreciate it greatly, but the sun is happier.  (Insert cartoon picture of a smiling sun here...)

The Old, Wooden Cross

So, the drive home was lovely!
I, of course, had my camera out snagging pictures and proof of the lovely day.  I'm getting really good at it.
I enjoyed seeing people's windows down.  One guy even had his arm out, tracing the edges of the wind with his arm, as he drove through the spring-like air.  Everyone had their sunglasses on, and the music blaring.  It was great!  And so different from yesterday.

We went out for dinner tonight to one of our favorite restaurants: Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub.  It's over in Milton, and the drive is scenic.  That's where the castle comes up.  I remember being driven around as a kid and seeing this castle.  It used to have little gnomes on the gate posts, and swimming pool rails going into the moat, and it was a castle.  Well, the memory has never escaped me, and anytime I am anywhere close to the area, I look for it.  Luckily, I now ::know:: where it is by feel, and Gary is beginning to learn as well.  He'll ask "Did we already pass the castle?" because once you get to that area, you start to feel it...

The Castle of Milton (that's what we'll officially call it now...)
Like I mentioned, we went to Olde Blind Dog for dinner.  We had stumbled upon this place on our second official "Spontaneous Dining Experience".  After driving all around East Cherokee, and back down through Woodstock, we were eventually led over to Milton, and this last direction on our list, ended here.  Skeptical at first, we entered and found ourselves more-than-pleasantly surprised!  The interior is amazing!  Complete with traditional "snugs" or intimate booth-like rooms, wrought-iron and stained glass detailing, and even a William Wallace statue, you can't help but feel like you may actually be in Ireland...  And the food is great!  They have traditional Irish and Scottish fare, as well as familiar classics with a twist.  We had the Kildare Rashers, Greens and Reds.  It's a BLT with smoked salmon, avocado, and mayo, on marbled rye.  It's yummy!  They have great nachos, meatloaf, and even breakfast pudding... and scottish eggs.  And I'm not sure if it's every month, but for at least the months leading up to St. Patrick's Day, every 17th is St. Practice Day.  It's quirky and fun!  And they have a great patio with live music... but I find the snugs too enticing to sit outside... at least not with the bit of chill still left in the air.

From the inside of a snug.
But if you are ever in the area, you should check it out!  And request a snug!  ;)

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