Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playing dress-up.

We've begun the arduous task of cleaning out closets...  Not the most fun thing in the world, but a necessary beast to be tackled, nonetheless.  And it's fun because the upstairs closet has been harbouring goodies for oh, close to 4 or 5 years now... and it's amazing what random stuff accumulates in a space in any amount of time.  There are art kits, random office supplies, older linens, a super heavy amp, some costume wear, a box of old pictures from my Granny, Laura's bridesmaid dress, and my ::other:: wedding dress.  And after going through some of it - meaning taking all of the art kits out, looking through almost every picture, and divvying up all of the goodies, Laura tried on the wedding dress, and I tried on the Bridesmaid dress.  :)

It was fun because they both fit each other, more or less, disregarding the length.  The bridesmaid dress was long on me, and the wedding dress was a little short on her, but other than that, they looked great!  And it got us to thinking...

Laura is engaged, but they haven't really started planning a wedding yet.  Well, with the impromptu trying-ons, wedding wheels started turning, and an all out wedding plan started falling into place.  :)  And although the wedding dress she tried on isn't exactly the way she wants to go, it's definitely a valid option, and it may even work with some tweaking.

It makes me happy because I'll get to help coordinate a wedding, other than my own, and I'll get to focus on all of the fun details, and spend time with Laura doing it!

And even in this uber-beginning phase, I can tell it is going to be SUCH a cute wedding!
I can already see the pictures in my mind... the dresses, the flowers, the colors, the favors...
So much fun!
So now, she just has to talk to the fiance, and we can get the show going!  :)

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