Saturday, March 26, 2011


It makes me think of Winnie the Pooh, and specifically Eeyore.  I think it's the fact that he is grey, and when it's "blustery" outside, it's also grey.  I always felt sorry for Eeyore.  He needed a hug.  And I guess on days like today, when the rain is coming down really hard, and there's fierce wind, and an all-about, general "blustery-ness", a hug could be a good thing.  I hope he got plenty of hugs! 

Today, it was rainy, and windy, and blustery.
If you were outside, you were stuck in it, and you were getting wet.
No questions about it.
It was yucky.

And yes, of course, we went out in it.
The backs of my jeans were sopping, and the hole in my shoe did little to alleviate rain water from soaking my heel, but I guess that's what I get for not wearing my rain boots, and not walking on my tip toes everywhere...  next time...

I did use my orange umbrella though, and that was a good thing!
I hardly ever use an umbrella.
It made me think about the photo-shoot I did with my sister, and the orange umbrella, a year or so ago!
It was sooooo much fun, and we got some great shots out of it!
As a matter of fact, here are a few of my favorites:  :)

And for now, the rain is back to pouring, and there is still lightning off in the distance, and the counties around us are under a tornado watch until 4am, so I'm counting us in as well!  The cats seem fine, and there were just a few things out of place when we got home, so apparently they were ::too:: traumatized!  The storms are supposed to continue in to the morning (as thunder rolls outside my window - Nice touch thunder storm, nice touch indeed!)  I look forward to going to sleep to the sound of the rain! 

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