Friday, March 4, 2011

Two loads of laundry done = winning!

In terms of household chores, there is nothing I dislike more than doing laundry... and that says quite a lot!  It has never been my friend.  Sorting, deciding on and then choosing the wash cycle, waiting, transferring it over to the dryer, waiting again, folding (big yuck), and then putting it away (bigger yuck).  Yea, it's safe to say that I was doomed when it came time to be on my own and have to do my own laundry...

So, the hopes were to marry a man who LOVED doing laundry!!  lol
That way he could do it, and I could do whatever else (anything else...) to make us "even".
I was willing to compromise!

Good plan, right??


Alas, Gary isn't a big laundry fan either...

But, I still love him.  :)
And I still married him.  hehe
So now, when it comes time to do the laundry, it's something we get to suffer through together.
The sorting, washing, drying, folding, and putting away.
All as a team!  Yay!!

And it's all good, except for when I volunteer to do it on a Friday. 
Or I have the bright idea of "taking it on" on a Friday, as a warm and happy surprise for him.
I can be overwhelmingly ambitious sometimes, letmetellyou.
I imagine the laundry baskets empty, and the closet full of clean, color-coded and seasonally separated clothes, all hanging within their respective sections.  And the drawers, lined with drawer paper and accentuated with a lavender satchel, neatly holding socks, t-shirts, anything else that goes in drawers.  And everything is in its place.  When the clothes are dirty, they go into the basket, and when the basket is full, we do the load of laundry.  Everything is happy, and the birds are singing, and laundry is easy.

But like I said earlier, laundry is not my friend, and it is not a joy, and this is not a fantasy.
The birds don't sing when laundry ::happens::.

To make things worse, not only do we have to do laundry... but we have to carry it to our laundry facility which means sorting, carrying loads to car (along with laundry card, and detergent, and dryer sheets - or the all-in-ones), driving to laundry facility, carrying loads out of car and into building, choosing wash cycle, waiting, transferring to dryer, waiting longer, folding, carrying clean loads to car, driving back, carrying clean loads upstairs, putting on hangers, and then putting away.

Hmmmm... looks scary!  lol
I think the fact that it is such a process is what deters me away from liking it.
That, and the fact that it's never done.
In fact the only redeeming factors about laundry are that it produces clean clothes (yay!) and for the first few moments after the laundry comes out of the dryer, they are warm, smell amazing, and make you want to fall into a basket-full of freshly dried towels, just like the Snuggle bear.
And that, my friend, makes doing laundry worth it. 

But that's enough fun news for now. 
 Two loads of laundry done = winning!  :)

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