Thursday, February 24, 2011

TGIT(hursday)! :)

Today was good! Work was lovely! Production was stress-free, Marketing and Promo were very quiet, and traffic to and from was "going", which is ten times better than the usual "not-going". It was slightly weird though... having Monday off has messed with my days, and with every day this week feeling like it should be one day behind, I am delighted that tomorrow is ::actually:: Friday, and I've nothing to do all day but just "be".


I hear it's supposed to rain tomorrow, storm even.  And it's on a Friday.  So I can enjoy it to the fullest!  And when it comes to storms, and rain, I find that being at home is the best way to enjoy it, as it were.
Maybe I will crawl up on the sofa, in my new NoLa hoodie, with a book in hand, and allow myself to be distracted by the steady patter of rain drops on the screens and windows. 
Or maybe I'll park myself at the kitchen table, my ipod gently relaying lyrics and melodies through song, and work on some projects... goodness knows I have a few to choose from. 
Or maybe I'll scrounge through our recipe books and choose a few that sound really interesting, and then high-tail it to the grocery store (probably in my obnoxiously loud and floral-y rain boots), get all of the ingredients, and cook... all day... until the sink is full of dirty dishes, and the home smells of delicious confections and tempting treats!

Mmmm... decisions, decisions.

Chinese buffet window, from the inside.

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