Thursday, February 3, 2011

365 Projects

Today, as I was checking my email, I ran across an etsy article about 'making/creating something everyday'.  While reading, I stumbled upon "365: A Daily Creativity Journal", AND then a blog featuring a rabbit-a-day.  It's adorable! Turns out, there are hundreds of 365 Projects going on, and many have blogs to support them.

::My eyes are opened, and brain waves inspired!::

So, as I spend the next hour wafting through the blogs, favorite-ing some, commenting here, "reacting" there, laughing at others, and finding a shared sense of purpose, I reflect.

(begins reflection...)

This is more than just a project... this is a commitment, a chance for inner exploration and development, and a chance to react and capture the world around me.
I have never done something like this, and I think that even attempting it is a huge step for me.  Like many others, I tend to fall out of my projects and move on, but this feels different.  I enjoy the fact that I have people asking me what my daily picture is going to be, or that I can log on to my facebook "A Year in the Life" and finding friends' comments and "likes".

I think that is what makes it different.  I feel like it's not just for me... even though it really is. 
It's for everyone around me!  It's for my friends, my family, myself.
And it's a collection of my world... through my eyes (via my camera).

::dries eyes with a nearby tissue::
(and ends reflection.)

For today's picture, I dared to stay inside my car.
I like to photograph things with lots of values and colors, and even sometimes the absence of value and color.  I find that the qualities of photographs are often defined by their values, and to alter the value is to alter the characteristics of the photo.
Thus my fascination with simple photo editing softwares such as Office Picture Manager, and Photoshop Elements.  I love playing with brightness, contrast, midtones, and saturation.
And the filter effects in Photoshop are often my cat's meow... 

My keys!  Even they scream "fancy".

So this is how my feet look when I'm driving...  or pretending to drive at least.  :)

Antiqued and light-leaked-esque.  It works for me.

In other exciting news from today...
It snowed!  lol.  It started off as clouds, then went to sleet/rain, and then it came down.
We even have a dusting upon the ground and cars...



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Meg said...

Hi there! Just stopped by to say great photos and keep it up! I too started a daily photography project without realizing what a phenomenon “365” projects are. I look forward to seeing more of your work.