Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something wicked this way comes...

Today was cloudy.

We spent the majority of the day staring outside and seeing sunshine, but right around lunch (right on schedule actually), the clouds started rolling in.  I snagged this picture as I was getting ready to get on 75, while on my way home.  The clouds seemed to be coming from the north-west-ish direction, which I thought was interesting.  I've usually known them to come from the west-southwest-ish direction.  And I haven't been following the weather aside from what my friends at work have been saying, so I don't know much about the system except that if the conditions are ::just:: right, there might be snow sometime in the morning.  But it could also just be rain, or rain/sleet, or sleet/snow/ice, or it might not even be anything.  The forecasts are contradictory, wishy-washy, and perplexing, but we still listen.  Because it's interesting.

And then my head was also cloudy.
The ear infection is... better.  But the amount of pressure behind/in/around my ears is amazing.  It could be the weather - the barometric system coming in.  It could be congestion.  It could be a number of things.  But I spent a good part of the afternoon talking about home remedies and getting suggestions about over-the-counter decongestants so that I can hopefully find some relief.  I know that I definitely want to invest in a heating pad, and that Sudafed sounds good, and that I will be massaging the sinus pacs in my face and trying to swallow the air in my cheeks while holding my nose closed, until my ears pop.  :)  Because as of right now, they're not.

And so instead of going to the store, I came straight home, and made a B-line for the bed.  At first I was just going to rest.  And then I closed my eyes.  And eventhough it was only 9 minutes later when I woke up, I had fallen asleep, and dreamt.  It was so weird.  I've never dreamt like that before.  I was literally on the line between sleep and wake.  I would close my eyes, and one-of-those-weird-things-that-only-happens-in-dreams happened, and I'd wake up again, and then close my eyes, and another would happen.  This went on for a good hour - once I officially let myself fall asleep.  And now it's dark.  I've eaten, had some medicine, and am about to take a nice, hot shower... (another thing that I'm hoping will help my ears).

Anywho, the first dream snippett was about this gluten-free substance that was supposed to be really good.  And I was interested, so this girl person was going to get me some.  And so, she squeezes her skin and this bead-like particle comes off, and collects into a bowl.  (huh?)
And the second dream snippett immediately had me analyzing dream sequences like those in "Inception".  (And let me tell you, there was no smooth seg-way between the two, and they had to have occured all within one minute.)  But I remember thinking/ saying that that wasn't right, because in the movie they had made it all the way down to the bottom layer of the dream... which works sorta, but why it was suddenly thrown to the forefront of my subconscious and out as a dream?  (huh? x 2)
And the third was just an image that occured when I closed my eyes, but weird-dreamy nonetheless.  It was a blue mechanical pencil, and when I pushed the top, this translucent blue, smooth crystalized, edgy and sharp piece of lead (I guess) popped out where the lead was.  It was about 6 times the thickness, and had all kinds of weird angles.  And it was blue.  Yes, I dream in color.  :)

Yea, the details are a little cloudy...  and as I sit here perplexed anyways, I'm amazed.
I don't know where they came from, and definitely not what they mean, but what can I say, I heart them.

And as I look forward to more time to dream within the next 2 hours, I'm mildly excited.
I wonder what else will come my way?

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