Sunday, February 13, 2011

The day before Valentines Day

Can't you just feel the love in the air?

The bevy of Roses, for your Valentines Day giving.
We went to Harry's this morning.  You could tell they were getting ready for a mad rush.  :)
The flowers stations were up and going, the dessert case was stocked to the brim with ah-mazing looking goodies, and there were plenty of specials and cutesey sayings to get everyone into the lovey-dovey mood.  I love this place, especially around the holidays! 

The Harry's Dessert case.  Yumm!
Whenever I step into Harry's, it takes me back to my childhood.  I remember going there with my mom and looking at all of the fruits and meats.  It was weird back then.  I remember it being like a maze, and that it always took a long time to get through the boring sections.  lol.  Oh, and the champagne grapes!  Miniature grapes, that were oh so adorable...  I actually still look for them whenever I go. 

 Anywho, Harry's is great.  We were going for ::just:: roses, and came out with a Valentine's Day meal that will put any restaurant to shame, surely.  :)  Well, I guess we'll find out tomorrow anyways.

Tonight, we've been creating.  :)
Homemade Brunswick Stew,
Strawberry Walnut Bread,
and Rose Valentines.

A very Happy Valentines Eve to everyone!
Sweet dreams!  ;)

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