Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's official...

After weeks of dealing with a weird-acting ear, and two days of excruciating pain, I went to the doctor.
I have an inner and outer ear infection.
I don't think I've ever experienced pain this bad.  Not only is it swollen, but it's tender to the touch, aching, and clogged... I can barely hear out of my right ear.  And I have a slight case of vertigo.

And if you know me at all, you know that I don't do doctors, I don't do pills, and I don't do sick.
So this has been a fun few days, to say the least.

I'm on 5 different medications too.
Amoxicillin (Pink Suspension - Bubble Gum Flavor) - antibiotic
Prednisone (pill) - steroid, to reduce swelling
Tramadol (pill) - for moderate to sever moderate pain
Antipyrine/ Benzocaine (ear drop) - to reduce pain
Ciprodex (ear drop) - antibiotic

And since I don't like swallowing pills, the fact that there are two pills to take, caused a little bit of anxiety.  lol.  But I was assured that they could be split, but not crushed, and that they're relatively small.  Which doesn't change the fact that they are pills (it's a mind thing...), but I guess it made it easier...  And I've been able to stick the pieces in a spoonful of apple sauce, and take them down.  I'm proud of myself!  And they were able to make the amoxicillin in the liquid form.  I take it with a syringe by mouth.  It's bubble gum flavor, and pink.  And it's not awful.  It reminds me of the medicine I took when I was a kid.

And Gary has been a great help!  And in terms of taking medicine, he has helped by putting my drops in, and taking the lead in doing all of the "fun" stuff (when it comes to medicine).  He's been splitting the pills for me, and using the syringe to measure the correct dose of antibiotic.  And making me cereal, and letting me sleep.  It's sweet. 

All in all, I hope to see some improvement today!
My biggest concern is the swelling, and hopefully the Prednisone will get right on that.

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