Saturday, February 26, 2011

The "Ing's" of My Saturday

Discovering surrealy-outlined shadows, outside my window.

Awesomely-freaky shadow outlinings.  :)

Luncheoning at Red Robin  (Red Robin... "Yummm" (just like the commercial))... the chuck-e-cheese's of restaurants.
Complete with balloons, tall, dressed-up mascots, screaming children, and bright colors.
Minus the video games, crawl spaces, and abundance of pizza.
And subbing instead, a fantastical array of interestingly-created hamburgers, among other things.
It was loud, amusing, and tasty!  And loud!  lol

Birthday girl with the Red Robin Mascot!  Yay!  :)

Crazy chillins'... in the most endearing of senses. 

Logo-d glasses.  Nice!

Grocery store date-ing with madre.
I like my Publix better... It's calmer, and happier.
Getting to sit outside on the deck, soaking up the Vitamin D.
And dreaming about a Rubbermaid container garden.
(Going to seriously look into this one...!)

Driving down Barrett Parkway.
Saturday always means "good fun" on Barrett... or at least miles of traffic.
Date-nighting at the movies.
Our "spontaneous-movie-viewing-experience" was "The Roommate".
I enjoyed it.  It was interesting and demented enough to keep my attention.
Even if it was a bit predictable...

Crashing the party at the local Borders.
And by crashing, I mean ravishing the already ravished shelves in search for a remaining gem among the chaos...  It's sad that Borders is closing. 
We were able to find a few goodies though... a few magazines (that would otherwise have been obnoxiously expensive) and even a Chess book for Gary.
And I'm sure we'll be back again, before all is said and done.

Hoping so at least!  :)

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