Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today was the perfect way to end my week.
I got to spend hours sitting at my desk sticking pieces of lifesaver candy to postcards (and it's not nearly as bad as it sounds...) and chatting with my friends.

We had 2,000 postcards to make into a gift.  Which means 2 lifesavers per card, which means 4,000 lifesavers.  In one day.  In less than a day actually.  :)

I like it though, because you get to alternate colors, and count to 20, and then stack them in a box, so that they are snug and stable.
It's a great mindless activity!
And like I said, it was the perfect way to end the week.

Of course, I had to get my camera out, and document some of the fun.

We had strings, upon strands, upon rows of lifesavers.

And this looks like cupcakes... a mini army of them.

I like this... it looks like corn rows, or a sowed field, or Friday afternoon traffic.
 We were diligently working, focused on our task!

Hey!  Only 1,734 left!  (Or something like that...)
We took a break to make a face... just one or two.

Ah-HA!  The row-maker shows her face!  :)
We thought about the possibility of making a lifesaver skirt... but then decided it might be too heavy for comfort.

Next year's fashion statement??
We stacked them up, to the ceiling, and hoped they didn't fall over...  And then we knocked on wood when they did start falling over.

We left crumbs, and decided they were like clouds.
You can see whatever you want in them, and then again, they manifest themselves in different ways.

So we can all find our way back to work!  :)
 All in all, the lifesavers were quite a lifesaver today.
And I had a blast!  :)

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