Wednesday, February 23, 2011

his eyes.

She unlocked the door and walked inside.  She had been on the phone all the way home, and fumbling with her keys with one hand, and continuing the conversation with her phone in the other, she was delighted when the lock finally gave, the door opened and she was home.  Her cats greeted her.  He was sitting on the floor, leaning on the over-sized ottoman.  His eyes were fixed on the television, a necessary distraction and daily ritual, in a manner of speaking.  She motioned "hello" once she caught his eyes, and proceeded to the kitchen where she dropped off her bags.

After finishing her conversation on the phone, she said her "goodbyes" and put it down.  She was laying on the bed, resting off the day and relaxing to the sound of a cat's purr.  She still had not ::seen:: him.

After a few moments, she heard him.
"Come here!" he said playfully, slightly baby-talkish, and cheery from the other room.

Smiling, she got up. 
She was in a good mood after all...
She got up from the bed, grabbed her camera, and walked towards him.  She crouched down to his level, looked him in the eyes, and gave him a kiss.
And then, she snapped a picture.

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