Friday, February 25, 2011


I slept embarrassingly late today... so late that I'm not even going to say what time I finally got out of bed.  It was so nice though... just sayin!  I noticed that I officially missed the rain, and that was a bummer because I was looking forward to it, but the afternoon skies were gorgeous and full of fluffy, flat-bottomed clouds that were so pretty against the true-blue sky.  I spent the majority of my day on the computer, discovering new blogs (some extremely inspiring ones) and working on a new project.  
And then I decided to break out my sewing machine.  :)
Sewwwwwwing!  :)

I've been dying to test it out, since before Christmas.  My old one didn't sew right, and that might have been because I wasn't threading the needle right (I didn't have an owner's manual to tell me otherwise- just my skills learned in my 7th grade home-ec class), but I figured it was close enough, and it was making stitches of some sort, that I couldn't complain.  But when I saw a great deal on one, as part of the Black Friday sales, visions of straight lines and tangle-free stitches filled my head, and I convinced Gary to let me get it as a Christmas gift from him.  And it's been sitting first in the back of the SUV for a few months, and then in the corner of the dining room for a few weeks, ever since.  Today, with my free time, the urge to break it out and start stitching got the best of me... and with a few projects waiting in the closet, I got out my sewing box, read the instructions, threaded the machine correctly (::smiles::), and got to it!
I'd had this shirt for a long time, and although I love it, the particular style (trumpet style) looked albeit a bit weird on me.  So I had the idea of cutting it straight down the middle, finishing the edges with a simple stitch, and making it into a cardigan.  I have a thing for cardigans...  And then today, while I was trying it on and noticing that it does flop about quite a bit, I decided that I could even try adding a button - a task that I had never before attempted or thought about attempting, but was inspired by the instructions in my owner's manual.

And voila, a new, upcycled cardigan!  
Complete with a finished button hole and everything!  :)

After repurposing the shirt, I even hemmed some jeans, and searched the apartment for other things to play with...  Mmmm.  ::Light bulbs going on::  I have a stack of random fabrics in my closet, and other random things that would be great as book purses, shirts, or pillows.  Or maybe a quilt!  I wonder if I would have to patience to complete a quilt...
And then it was time to head over to Madre's.  We were cooking tonight, and after stopping to get the ingredients to make BBQ chicken, Homestyle Mac-n-cheese, fresh steamed broccoli, sugared strawberries, and loaf bread, we arrived and got to work.  And while skithering about, I stumbled upon this.
Through the glass.
In all of the time I've spent there, I've never seen the sun come through the stained glass window like this before.  Twas weird.  So I snapped a few pictures with my camera phone, and kept skithering.
The Stained Glass.
 I skither well...  :)

And now, it's late.  I'm ready to kick it with Gary, and gear up for tomorrow.
(Dinner was fabulous by the way.)

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