Monday, February 7, 2011

Pickles and Cornbread

Can I just say that I love my kitties?

Where there is a box, there is a Cornbread.  And a Pickles.
Pickles on one hand, is a traditionalist when it comes to pet toys.  She loves mice, fuzzy balls, laser pointers, and the wheel with the ball trapped inside that she can bat around and around and around.  It's fun when she plays with it in the middle of the night...  It makes a great sound that is practically impossible to fall asleep to.  :)

Cardboard boxes, tissue paper, plastic bags, and hairbands... on the other hand, are some of Cornbread's favorite toys. 
And does he ever love to play with his toys!  And ::this:: particular type is definitely his favorite!  He will sit there for minutes at a time (and for cats, that's quite a while) rolling around on his back, throwing the large hairband around, and catching it on his neck, and then pulling at it, and biting at it, until he has had his fill.  And if he wants to play, he'll bring it within 5 feet of you, drop it, and then shimmy over, meowing lightly, and stare at you in the face, until you make eye contact, and then he will look at his toy.  This means that you have to go get the toy, flick it to the other side of the room,  pray that he sees where it went, and then watch as he runs over, stops, looks at it, and then stares at you, so that you see that he sees it.  Then him and Pickles (who surely ran over there also) silently discuss who is going to play with that one, and who is going to play with one of the 13 other variations of hair round things lying about. 

Oh to be a cat!
But that's just the beginning...
There is the ever-present inclination to acheive vertical separation from everything.  Which means, kitchen cabinets, the tops of kitchen cabinets, the top of the red box on top of the kitchen cabinets, the top of the 5 shelf bookcases in the sunroom, the top of the tall chest in the bedroom, and even the TOP of the bedroom door (now that's a funny story!) are not high enough for either to get too.  Did I mention that they like a challenge?  lol.  And what's better is when Cornbread gets on top of the red box on top of the kitchen cabinets (we're talking less than an inch from the ceiling), he starts meowing - loudly and proudly, for everyone to hear.  I believe he wants an audience, so he is beckoning his crowd.  And we come, the loyal audience we are, and watch.  And satisfied with our appearance, he jumps down, step by step, and rubs up against our legs.

Pickles!  In the sink!

Pickles has always been fascinated with the sink.  She likes that she can lay in it, and fit snuggly against the confines of the porcelain wall.  And she just stares at the faucet, daring water to come out and land upon her fur.  And sometimes it does.  What can I say, we like that game?  And sometimes, she'll just sit there and watch it for moments on end... and then she realizes that it's water, at which point, she quickly jumps up and out of the sink, on to the carpet, and the bath begins. 

Her new fasciantion is with the bathtub faucet.  As soon as the bathroom door is opened, both of them run inside, and Pickles now goes straight to the tub.  Jumping behind the shower curtain and heading staright for underneath the faucet.  And she stares, just stares.  lol.  However, when water comes out of this one, she's not one to stand around... it's much louder than the sink, mind you.

And loud noises still scare us, apparently.

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