Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drawing and Coloring

This morning, Gary's brother came over so that they could play video games.  :)  So cute, right?
Well, after spending some time playing computer games myself, getting a bit bored, and looking for other "activities", I found my colored pencils and markers!!  Yay!  (Kid-in-candy-shop effect).  I had gotten this fashion design activity kit a few years ago that came with a pad of blank "model" outlines and a booklet of ideas.  Well, the booklet was lost, or went into hiding, not terribly long after I got it, but the pad of pages made it's way to a convenient spot.  I had made one design when I first got the kit, another about a year later, and then found it again today.  Well, I went to town, let me tell ya.  First, I drew out 4 designs, and started taking pictures (lol) but they weren't showing up because the lines were so faint... thus, the excitement of finding the colored pencils!!  I could color them, and then take pictures.  :)

"Tie" Skirt

And so I did, and I love them!  
This one is probably my favorite of the day, because it is a project that I want to start right away.  I've seen a "tie" skirt done before, and the more I think about it, the more I love it!  (If you have any ties that you would like to donate to said project, I'd love to take them off your hands!  ;))
Gary really likes that I was designing clothes (surprisingly) which was more of a I-like-the-way-this-looks-and-these-colors-are-pretty, and appreciates that this is something that I could really enjoy.
He asked if he needed to get me a pin-up modeler mannequin.
I replied... "Yes, please".  hehe.

First design (left) plus 3 from today.
So, I hope you enjoy the designs! 
And the random pictures of the colored pencils and pencil shavings... (dot dot dot)


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