Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good 'ole Southern Bar-B-Q!

Jim 'N Nicks Bar-B-Q is quickly becoming a "goodie" in my books, despite the fact that it's over in Cumming.  A mere 45 minutes away for the sake of a good meal??  Eh, it's not worth the complaining.  The good far outweighs the bad!  The food is great, inventive and just plain yummy, the atmosphere is comforting, and the sky, well it's about as open as you'd expect for a "southern kitchen".  As you can see, today, the sky was beautiful, and it was the last time I was here too.  It's perched on a hill between the Forsyth Avenue and the rest of Suwanee/ Duluth/ Johns Creek.  It lives on the precipus of modernality, steps away from boutique stores and big screens (a AMC theater to be exact), and a mere hop from the country.
And it seems to fit in quite well here, always packed, always delivering good food, and always leaving you with a smile.

For lunch, I decided to step a bit away from the bar-b-q side, and instead ventured upon the Catfish BLT.  A hearty piece of deep-fried and seasoned catfish, accompanied with thich cut bacon, tomato, lettuce, homemade tartar sauce, and all within two slices of grilled Sourdough bread.  A great sandwich!  It comes with some dedacently simple and scrumptious hand-cut french fries and a spot of ketchup.  I was pleased!

Other plates gracing our table included a Pork topped Baked Potato, a Southern Burger (topped with grilled onions and barbeque sauce), and a Country Club.
Everyone was pleased, and I have to say, it all looked amazing!
We will go here again!

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