Friday, February 11, 2011


So far, my day has been mildly productive.
I've been cleaning and straightening all morning, and have just enjoyed a lovely lunch of kalamata olive hummus, baked bagel chips, and a Juicy Juice fruit punch juice box.  :)

Cornbread is napping in the chair next to the window, and Pickles is in my lap and fighting with a marker that is resting on the edge of the desk - correction, Pickles has pwned the marker, and it is now on the floor.  lol

For today's picture, I decided to use something within my reach (while sitting at the desk) and grabbed this necklace.  A collection of necklaces really, the various beads sharing excellent hues of purple, red, and pink, with the sporadic green beads here and there, and brass chains playing well into the mix.  I purchased this necklace to go with my maroon tights, and I had a coupon, so it was practically free.  :)

But anyways, the necklace lives on my bulletin board in the sunroom.  Between favorite pictures, calendars, love notes, and magnetic pushpins, it is able to fall naturally and rest without the risk of tangling in a mass of woven mess. 

It's amazing that necklaces can get tangled up while not moving...  You take it off, put it somewhere, and the next time you go to pick it up, there are 5 knots... and they're practically boy scout knots, and if you don't know the secret to getting them undone, well, you're screwed.  Or you're doomed to sitting there for minutes upon hours trying to get it undone.  And maybe you will, and you'll feel accomplished and relieved!  And then you'll put in on and wear it.  And then at the end of the night, you'll take it off and put it somewhere.

And it'll be there.
Magically making knots.
Until the next time you want to wear it.

I've seen it done before where someone will have a large bulletin board with lots of pushpins, and each necklace or piece of jewelry will live in it's own pushpin.  I think I could quickly become an advocate for this idea.  So far, my long beaded necklace has fared quite well living on the bulletin board, and have a feeling that the rest would as well.  I'll consider it.

Because tangled masses of necklaces are less-than-fun.
Unless you're taking pictures of them.

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