Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Gnomes

Dick, Tom, Bubba, Harry

Meet Dick, Tom, Bubba, and Harry.
They live at work, on the top of the shelf, of the middle table, in the middle of the room, staring at their keeper.  They are safe there.  And they tend to behave ::pretty:: well there also.  There's less for them to mess with I suppose... Or maybe they are just messing around while everyone is home for the night.  Gnomes do that, right?  Don't all toys?

Dick waters the plants.  He's rather obsessive about it... always carrying around his blue watering pail and sloshing water about.  He has the best of intentions though, and that's endearing.
Tom (#2, mind you) is very well read, and is always carrying a book.  His grammar is impeccable, and he is rather "smart".
Bubba, the manliest of the group, yeilds an ax, and uses it in chores, chopping down wood, and warding off evil spirits.
Harry, well Harry just likes to pick flowers and sing.  He likes to twirl around, with the flowers in his basket, and sing.

They're actually quite the mischevious little gnomes.
Even before I got there, stories had been long established about their mischeif, pranks, and fun-loving good times.  They would turn over buckets of rubberbands, switch things around, and even go walking around themselves... trying to escape no doubt.

And boy do they like to travel!  Traveling gnomes, you may ask?  But of course!
They are the originals!

And it is in this instance of a fondness to traveling, that i have decided to invite one of them along on a journey.
And I chose Bubba!
I think we can use his mad skills, and ax-yeilding machoness, to ward off all evil spirits that we may encounter.
And where we're going, that may be more important than we realize.


Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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