Monday, February 21, 2011

The end of this journey...

We began the last leg of our trip from Abbeville, AL.
We made our way through Alabama, across the state line at Eufaula, and on until we reached Lumpkin, GA and the Providence Canyon State Park.  I had stumbled across the "little grand canyon" that we had in Georgia when doing some research for things to do in GA, but outside of that, I had never heard mention of it.  Needlesstosay, I was intrigued.  Intrigued enough to make it a stop of our way back, and I am glad we did!  I really didn't know what to expect... mostly a tree covered fizzure in the ground, but to my surprise, it actually looked mostly like a little... grand canyon.  :)

The Little Grand Canyon!

So picturesque!

Checking out the long-range views.

Sitting on the fence.

After snapping some pictures, and taking in the beauty of the canyons, we got back on the road and headed on towards Lumpkin, GA for the Habitat for Humanity Global Village.  First of all, let me just say that we passed through some of the cutest little towns and some of the most scenic roads in Ga, that I'd encountered.  It was neat to see the good 'ole Southern cities.  And right in the middle of Americus is the Global Village.  They call it the "Slum Theme Park" and have literally built a slum, as well as 15 or so other dwellings representative of the houses they build around the world, in order to raise awareness, as well as put into perspective what poverty lives like, and what they are doing to help.  It was very humbling walking through the structures.  It made me happy to know that I have a place to come home to every night with walls and windows and furniture. 
The "slums".

The Haiti house.

Some of the other houses.

The next stop on our trip was the Lunchbox Museum in Columbus, GA.  I was really looking forward to this one, because it was so kitsch and random, but also interesting and colorful (I just imagined lots of colors whenever I would think about it...).  And we made it all the way to Columbus, found the joint - which from the outside didn't look like much.  It's at the back of an old receiving dock looking area, in the middle of an industrial park, and looking pretty deserted.  But we decided to give it a try... our curiosity was too much to just drive away.  So, I got out of the car, walked up, looked in the window, and tried the door and it was open.  So I went and got Gary and we walked in.  Sadly however, we didn't get far before an old man informed us that they were closed on Monday and Tuesday for inventory, but would be open Wednesday through Sunday.  We acknowledged, told him we would return, and walked away.

And when I said we would return, I was not lying.  The place looked so cool on the inside, full of treasures and interesting things that would probably take hours to sort through.  And the lunchbox museum is somewhere in the midst of it all.  Mmmm!!  And the man, older yet assertive, reminded me of a character from some sort of superhero movie... the owner of a treasure trove of weird and out-of-place things, like a magical cape that will turn the destined soul into a super crime fighter... yea, something like that.  But anyways, we're hoping to be able to go back sometime soon and check it out.  Shouldn't be longer than a day trip, and I have a feeling, it would totally be worth it!

And now, we're back.  Home.

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