Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harley Book Purse

I decided to put the sewing machine to the test, and thought I would try sewing fabric to a piece of chipboard.
At first it was going great!!
The lines were clean, the fabric was taut, and everything was still intact...
But then I decided to try sewing through the fabric, the chipboard, AND the piece of elastic.
The first side went fine. The second side didn't. I got a few stitches done, and then there was a loud snap as the needle broke. Yikes!
Luckily, I'm not easily scathed, and I scrounged around for another needle - luckily I had one, and will put a "pack of sewing machine needles" on my list of things to invest in. So, for this project, a minor casualty.

In other news, the project turned out fabulous!
This is seriously one of the best book purses I have ever completed. I feel like it is the most ::structurally sound::, and that it is so coordinated. It's got the edge, it's got the fluff, and it has a book wallet to match! I heart it, and I hope whoever wins it at the raffle on Saturday does too!

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Craftberry Bush said...

thanks you for joining our party...this little purse is just too cute...xo