Monday, August 29, 2011

Garden Update

I took the majority of the garden down about a month ago.  The heat was sweltering, and it was taking a toll on the poor little plants, so I called them "done" and trimmed them all back except for the pepper plants, who were still bearing fruit.  Low-and-behold, the tomato plant that was in the middle of all of the peppers (that I had trimmed back like the rest of them) decided to come back.  It started growing, slowly and first, but then shot up, and roughly a week later, is almost as tall at the cage - a good 30 inches!  And I think I've created a hybrid.  The leaves are a lighter green, with a darker green lacing on top - very pretty, andd very different.  I wonder if it's going to be a tomato-pepper.  And the reason I say this is because I am convinced that the "hybrid" part is it's mingling with the pepper plants.  I have  a few banana peppers left on the plant, and the very top one is starting to turn red... like a tomato.  I do believe I have created a new species of plant!!  :D  Or perhaps, it's just a normal thing that I stumbled upon, that is very exciting to my novice gardening attempts!  At any rate, I am excited about my creation.  As a matter of  fact, there are even blooms of the little plant, so that means that we might even have little tomato babies soon!  ::big smile::

That's all I have in terms of edible things.  I picked up a few plants to decorate the backporch with for the party, and they seem to be happy too.  I'm trying to be really good about watering daily because I definitely started slacking there towards the end of the veggies...  and we've had very little rain, so I feel bad for all of the plants.  They are hanging in there though, and should prosper at least for a little while longer!


With that being siad, I'm off to start a project!
We are having a benefit ride for my bosses' son who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  He'll be 2 years old in October.  This event is a benefit ride that will raise money to go to the doctor who is doing some reasearch.  It's for a great cause!  At any rate, there's going to be food, fellowship, motorcycles, raffles, and a silent auction.  And so far, we have 3 $100 tattoo gift certificates, a Cracker Barrel gift certificate, a Texas Roadhouse dinner, a big basket of goodies, a motorcycle-themed bird house, and I'm making a motorcycle-themed book purse and wallet.  It's going to be a great event! 

And I best get busy, so I bid you all good night and sweet dreams!  :)

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