Friday, August 26, 2011


Tonight is the Eve of the big soiree!
We've been busy little bees getting everything ready, but I feel better about this "little" party we're having now, than I have for the last few weeks...  Maybe it's because the food is all ordered, purchased and prepped.  The deck is cleaned off and arranged, and we will be having great weather, and everyone is all excited!  I know that I am!  Now we get to the fun part.  We got a whole bunch of flowers at a great price, so I went scavenging down below the sink to find all of the glass vases, and lucky for me, we have a whole bunch, and they're all different!  :)  And then we spent a good amount of time prepping the fruits and veggies.  We got a melon baller (I don't know why I didn't already have one of these - it's great), and Gary went to town on the melon, honey dew, and watermelon.  They are so cute!  They will be perfect in our fruit salad!  And then the deck.  Can I just say that I am so relieved we are going to have nice weather?  We have a bushel of people heading out way, and it was going to be cramped if we all had to be inside.  But now that we can enjoy the great outdoors, we have all of the leaves off, the tables will be set, and little areas arranged for great conversation.  And the flowers look great!  I have plants and flowers scattered about, and with the astrolomeria and other flowers on the tables, it's going to look a little like a fairytale.  Sigh.  In theory, it would've been great to have string lights and balloons and streamers everywhere, but I was leery of the weather, oh and the budget, and will swing it with the natural beauty of the outdoors!

Scored and sliced cucumber.


Super excited! 
Now to sleep, and rest, before the festivities commence!
Adieu and bisous!

Considerations for the week:
- It's very hard to talk about melon balls without snickering. 
- Sage is good to ward off evil spirits.
- Zumba is practically impossible if you are not coordinated.  I know this now.
- "The Pony" is a great Zumba move - and was the most fun I had during the whole class.

- Yoga is much easier on the body and soul.
- Everything is a mind game, and your attitude greatly affects how you handle things.  If you can look at something and always find a positive, then your troubles won't see near as troubling.  I ran across an image on Pinterest recently that has really stuck with me.  It's something that I have reminded myself of quite a few times here in the last couple of weeks. 
- Oh, and playtime isn't just for cats.

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