Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sky

My cat is afraid of going outside, and I'm pretty sure it's because there is no ceiling.  He steps out, looks up, and proceeds to walk back in, and goes to the corner farthest away from the door opening, yet close enough for him to look out, lays down, and watches (safely from the inside).  It's cute really!  You can feel his trepidation.  Even Pickles, who will walk outside and is extremely interested by everything being outside, prefers to sit in the doorway with her feet hanging out and the rest of her body in.

I think they get it from their daddy...
Not that Gary is afraid of the sky, but there is a certain waywardness when it comes to standing and looking up at the sky.  I swear one time he told me that he is afraid of the sky because at any point, something could come from the sky and grab you.  I swear he told me this!!  But he denies it.  And I'm sure it's quite possible I made it up, but the thought still remains.

I remember one of my first encounters with the sky fear was when we were down in Miami at Dadeland Station.  We were crossing the walkway from the parking area to the stores, and there was this big expanse of open air area with no ceiling.  I like the sky, so I looked up and awed.  Gary seemed to hold on firmer, kept his face straight, and kept walking.  It took me aback for a second, so we got into this conversation about how he feels like he is suspended in air, and seeing the depth of the sky, and how it makes him feel anxious to imagine being suspended up there looking down.  (And somewhere in this dialogue is where he tells me about things grabbing him up from the sky... or something).  I think it's endearing, really.  And shame on me, I'll even tease him about it a little when we are looking up into the sky.  He laughs - it's all in jest after all. 

Luckily, the above picture wouldn't bother him.
There are trees breaking up the expanse of nothingness, and as we all know, trees help keep you grounded.
Yet another reason, to hug them (trees that is)!

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