Thursday, August 18, 2011


It started with the grocery list as a 3-D box tunnel-thing. 
Draw a few lines, add some perspective, add more lines for weight, etc.
Then came the heart, the star, and then the whompy lines.
Eh, so I'm a doodle-ler.

But then I really wanted to doodle with the cool pencils.
So, I got my high school sketchbook out, and the woodless graphite pencils.
I turned to a empty page, and went to town.
... for a good 30-45 minutes.

It's an outlet... draw and shade and color-in.

I could probably sit and draw lines forever!  I developed a love for swirls and endpoints, and in high school, learned how to make lines look like the bottom of the ocean - with it's ebbs and flows and undulations.  It's soothing to look at, and soothing to create.  The simple act of drawing bumps on a single line and creating pressure points and larger and smaller hoops create illusions and waves.  And it's one of those little things that mades a rough day feel light. 


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