Thursday, August 4, 2011

a "more-full" story...

   She had decided to take the job.  She had fallen in love with the city after those 3 short visits, and had told herself that any chance to jump at change was her opportunity to do so, and she did it.  She had packed up, drove into the night, and arrived at her quaint little vintage revival in the wee hours of the morning.  Buzzing, yet drained.  She'd so much to do before their meeting later that night, but she didn't worry.  She was just glad to be here.  He was flying up later that afternoon.  With just a few more things to take care of, she jumped at the opportunity to make the drive by herself, and let him fly up later. 
   She turned off the ignition, put her keys in her purse, and grabbed the box that had been sitting next to her the whole way.  This was the first 'stuff' to be unpacked, and the essentials that would get her through.  She walked up the cobblestone sidewalk, unlocked the door, and stepped inside.  She was so glad that she had the moving service come in last week and take all of the big stuff.  It made it so much easier!  Stepping in to the new surroundings, she felt comforted by the black rocker, the pile of boxes labeled "kitchen" and "living room", and the cat tower - already set up by the window.  They were going to love it here!  Everything was so green, so alive, so fresh!  It reminded her of a mix of Asheville, Buckhead, and somewhere else that she couldn't quite put her finger on.  It didn't matter really.  This was their new home, and this was the change she was wishing for.
   She opened up the box, took out the teapot, and set the glass carafe on the counter.  She liked the glass.  It held taste better, and seemed (albeit even just a bit) more sophisticated than the plastic pitcher currently residing in one of the "kitchen" boxes.  The yellow teapot had been a wedding gift, and the glass carafe was the product of years of searching.  It was a ritual that she had inherited: boil the water, stuff the teabags into the carafe, secure the strings to the top of the carafe with a clothespin, and pour the boiling water over the bags.  And then watch.  She enjoyed the simplicity of watching the tea seep out of the bags and dilute itself into the water.  One of those simple pleasures that she wouldn't be denied. 


This week has been good and busy!  And if I had to describe it with a color, it'd be blue... not because it was sad, but I guess I'm reflecting on the dark/ rainier day today.  We had an amazingly ::apparent:: thunder storm right at 3:30 this morning.  I don't think I've ever heard thunder that loud.  It made waking up for work extra impossible...  I've been planning, or at least pondering on, some good topics here.  But for tonight, it was just about writing, random writing.  Felt nice!  :)

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