Saturday, August 13, 2011

truck driver

... for some unspecified amount of time.

I had to take my Equinox to the doctor (dealer) because it was having the hiccups in the form of transmission issues. And since I've plenty of experience with transmission issues thanks to my Saturn, it was to the doctor first thing this morning! And they are going to take good care of it, and get my baby back to pristine condition! AND they gave me a truck to play with in the meantime.

Secretly, I have ::always:: wanted a truck! I love them! So, I am so excited to drive it around, and we are even taking it to the drive-in tonight! :) We are going to park it in front of the big screen, under the stars, get in the back with our picnic and chill! And we've a little group going, so it should be great fun! We just need the thunderstorms to stay away, and we will be golden!

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