Friday, August 12, 2011

Wonderland wormhole?

What if this were a wonderland hole? 
... a wormhole that would lead to a fantastical world of quirky and random? 
Where the caterpillars sing, there are mad-hatter tea parties, and a smiling cat...
An evil queen is surrounded by a "card" army...
And it is your purpose to complete this journey and survive.

First things first, you would need a magic bottle of potion labeled "drink me" that would shrink you down to size.  And then, just then, you could walk into the darkness, grasping the wall for security against the pool of water under foot.  And it would be as if you could sense a sudden drop-off and instead a being scared, you'd be excited!  (But is it just because you know the rest of the story... or because you just like adventure?  (You did just walk into a drainage pipe after all...))  And so you continue - until you drop - feet down, into a void of nothingness, into a world of magic and daydreams.

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