Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lock It Up

A picture of a lock.  Random.  What could be the purpose?  Could it be something as simple as: there was a locker room that held stuff, and  if you wanted to protect your stuff, you would take said lock, close the door, and all would be well until the next time you would needed it.
And then you would enter your combination, the lock would release, and the contents of the safe would be free.'

Sure, it's plausible.

But, could it represent something else?

Could it represent a line from a fabulous comedian in a funny movie?  Could the picture claim fame to this person's wit, and embody it in sheer presence?  Could saying "lock it up" invoke a memory of the movie, and inherently, the smile that soon followed? 

Sure, it's more than plausible again.

But what if it had a deeper meaning... something more symbolic.  Could the "lock" represent the hiding of secrets/ beliefs/ ideas.  It is something that you can hide behind and protect your inner self with?  Is it really even that simple?  And if it were, is the lock that important anyways?  What is the purpose of the whole protecting-yourself-in-order-to-protect-others?  And if it were this symbolic meaning, could you stand to look at this picture for fear of others figuring you out?? 

because it's just a picture...
Of a lock.
Plain and simple.
Short and sweet. 


It's been a crazy, but good week!  Work was busy and frantic at times, but conversations were good and all-in-all, it was great fun!  We've started going to the gym (which might explain the lock picture) and are enjoying everything it has to offer!  The indoor track, the pool, the classes... all are great!  I'm looking forward to the challenge of keeping up with it - and it's been nice going after work so far.  :)  I'm so looking forward to tomorrow!  I am planning on going to the coffeeshop and being there for hours going through all of my notes in my journal.  I'm planning on taking a highlighter and using that as my means sorting through the chaos.  lol.  The shower is coming up in a few weeks - it's time to finalize the details and get all of these plans rolling.  I'm thinking of doing some sort of barbeque chex mix thing to put in the little mason jars instead of the strawberry soup.  That way it could stay out the whole time, and then I could decorate each jar without worrying about ice or water messing up the ribbon.  And then instead of the soup, I might look at doing a cake or something.  Like I said, much to do!

Adieu for the evening!  Bon nuit!

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