Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's talk about 400...

When I become President, the first thing I will do will be to fix the area of highway around 285 and 400, particularly the 285 East to 400 North section.  It's a bit ridiculous in it's current state.  And although Gary says that that is a bit "selfish" of me given the whole state of the Union, I figure that if I have a platform and a goal, then fixing it right away would probably boost my approval ratings.  :)  Those are important, so I hear. 

Here is what I would do:
1. I would make the 3 right lanes applicable to the 400 North and South highway, and also the Glenridge connector exit.  By adding 2 extra lanes (one of which would be the connector exit only), I believe that there would be less of a line backing up for miles - which in turn would mean that persons incapable of waiting in that line (for whatever reason) would be more inclined to follow the rules and not be selfish pushy cutters...  By the way, it is amazing the amount of camaraderie and fellowship happens when people come together and try to prevent cutters!
2. Once you get into the 400 ramps, I propose one would go North and one South, or at least have 'exit only's with that middle lane that could be either.  Puhlease.
3. And then when you finalllllly merge onto 400, I think that it should be less of a 100-ft stretch before you meet oncoming traffic and more of a we-will-give-you-3-miles-to-consider-getting-over.  That would be your lane and no one already on 400 would be allowed to get in it.  I think it would make everything so much happier and copacetic.

Also, I would not be afraid of using those road divider pole things.  If people aren't willing to wait, then a divided lane will be erected to the effect that they will have to find another way around because, as emphasized, cutting will not be allowed!

I hope that these plans would make our one hour drive through the 3 mile stretch much more relaxed, and that the poor guy in the Jeep who kept ramming his body against his seat and pointing at the poor souls who could not wait, can find solace in the newfound order, as will everyone else! 

End of rant.  Debates formally accepted at this point, in writing only.
Future President Nancy, signing off.  All the best!

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