Friday, July 29, 2011

The Bluegrass State

We are in Kentucky!  Visiting some of my mom's old family friends, and taking advantage of a Friday off, and a beautiful weekend! 

The clouds were fierce!

Kentucky state line.  :)

Hey!  Our first visit to a "Big Boy". 

Kentucky corn field.

Madre used to live here when she was younger.

Sunset over the Ohio river.

The 'Captain's Quarters' "Princess".
It's been a good day today!  The drive wasn't bad at all.  It was a pleasure to be going north, instead of south.  I feel like we are always driving to Florida, or somewhere south, and it's flat.  There's really nothing to look at besides the billboards.  But going north, there's mountains!  You literally get to drive those mountains that have been carved out for highways.  It was neat!  The scenery was new and  delightful, and we had sunshine and clouds the whole way!  And what can I say about Kentucky [Louisville in particular], except that it is absolutely amazing!  I am particularly taken by it, and could see myself living here some day.  It's like Georgia, but prettier.  :)  I love being this close to a river, and in the midst of all of these states.  We drove over to Indiana for a quick minute, considered going to Cincinnati, and talked about how close everything is.  The trees are magnificent!  I will try to snap some pictures of them tomorrow.  And there are all of these little areas that seem so familiar, but of course are completely new!  And even though it's just a weekend, I can't wait to explore!  There's this one street that reminds me of Midtown/Decatur/Virginia Highlands.  There are these eclectic shops and restaurants and bookstores that are begging to be "found".  Tomorrow we are spending time with the friends, and they are going to show us around.  I'm so excited!  I hope everyone out there had a great Friday, and has an amazing Saturday!  Toodles!

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