Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I told you...

... that I was growing weird cucumbers!
And today I decided that it was time to take them off the vine. 
They are definitely yellow, and when you cut it open, the flesh is off-white.  And although it does smell albeit like a cucumber, there is a hint of sour that deters anyone interested from taking a bite.  Oh well.

Yea, they are making great photo subjects though!  :)

In other plant news, everything is looking a bit defeated thanks to this brutal heat, but things seem to be surviving.  We have gotten a whole bunch of orange cherry tomatoes, and a lot of the other tomatoes are beginning to turn.  We've gotten two squash in the last week, and they are two different colors.  One is a dark, almost orange, yellow, and the other is more like the cucumbers.  lol.  We have lots of little peppers growing, and the herbs are actually doing quite well.  The chive even bloomed!  That was pretty cool.  And I tried getting a picture, but between trying to zoom in real close and the humidity, the picture didn't turn out. 

All in all, gardening is still go-ing! 
Best of luck to all of the gardeners out there!

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