Friday, July 22, 2011

Lovely logo!

We went to lunch at this little modern-country Italian joint, down the street from Gary's work, called Figo.  Both of us had never been, but he'd heard rave reviews, and it's next to a Gigi's so it can't be bad.  ;)  And it wasn't!  The food was excellent, the atmosphere was welcoming, the staff were friendly and helpful, and prices weren't bad.
AND they had nicely logo'd mason jar glasses.  There's just something about a very simple logo with clean lines.  I like the modern font, the all-caps, and the box around it.  So satisfying!

 My first response to the glasses when they were brought to our table was, "I wonder where they get their glasses logo'd?".  lol.  And then I seriously spent a few seconds admiring the handiwork, and the logo itself.  One thing for sure is that I have come to appreciate a good logo, and a good placement of a logo.  And here, I was impressed.  I see enough logos on a daily basis that it is easy for them all to fade into the background, but working with them and beginning to appreciate them, is a skill that I am acquiring, in a manner of speaking.  And it is something that I actually really like doing.

Something tells me I missed my calling as a graphic designer...

Actually truth be told, I believe I could spend all day working on logos, and layouts, and designs!  At this moment, my dream job would be working at an invitation company setting up invitations and paper products for clients, and getting it done right.  I would learn all of the fonts, come up with some awesome layouts, and have a blast customizing paper products to match a client's taste and needs.  What was that?  Ah yes, I'm daydreaming about paper again...  :)  

And that makes me believe that it's not too late for me to pursue it!

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