Monday, July 18, 2011

Shucking, Snapping, and Slicing

Tonight, mi madre and I deconstructed those lovely vegetables from the vegetable stand we got this weekend.  We sat around the table (we were going to sit outside, but it started raining), and de-strung and snapped the peas.  Then we got around the sink and shucked the corn - putting the silks into the garbage bowl and not down the sink.  Then I rinsed and chopped the okra, while madre got the corn and peas simmering.  Note: okra is super-duper slimy, it's weird.  Love the stuff, don't get me wrong, but I guess I've never had to deal with it fresh before.  I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit reminiscent of aliens coming out of their pods or something of that sort... and that's even after they are rinsed.  Eeep!  But  at least they are super yummy and good fun to eat.  Oh, and if you want to chomp on something really good, try pickled okra!  Now that's good stuff!  You get the bitter pickle flavor, with the fuzzy okra outside and little seed bits on the inside.

Snap pea strings and bits.

::snapped:: snap peas

(in the act)

Shucking of the corns.

::sliced:: okra.  Can you see the slime?  :p
It was good, and it was nice to sit and do this with my mom!  I know that I remember snapping peas with my Granny and sister on the screen back porch during the summer.  And she has memories of her and her sister doing the same.  So that connection is there.  And maybe one day, she will teach our kids how to de-string and snap peas too!

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