Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fast Horses and Comfy Cows

Main Gate
Today we visited Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.  It is one of those places that exudes magnificence.  Even today, when there was nothing going on, you could feel the energy flowing through the place.  We were able to tour the grounds... we saw some of the bidding windows, the paddocks, the grand stands, the winner's circle, and the track.  It was very very cool!  And we had a really nice tour guide who was very informative.  On any given day, tickets prices run about $3, but when it's time for the Kentucky Derby, tickets start at $80ish (for the cheap seats) and go up to roughly $68,000 (when all is said and done for) for the expensive ones.  I agree with him when he says that the comfort of his own home is the "best seat".  But then I think about being in the midst of it all... and I consider creating a savings fund just for a chance to go to the Derby one day.  Oh, and that would have to include purchasing a fancy-schmancy hat.  We checked out the Museum gift shop where they had some for sale and they ranged from $30 to $118.  So... it wouldn't be a cheap trip by any means, but it's something to put on the list.  :)

Under-the-track tunnel.
The hat I need...

A place to place bets. 


We had a really nice day today!  We got to see the friends and see some more of the sights.  After our jaunt to the 'Downs and dinner, Gary and I went out in search of ice cream - and it had to be something different!  Luckily, the ladies at the front desk have been so helpful and friendly that we knew they could point us in the right direction!  And they did!  We drove [some direction] for about 4 miles and came upon this outdoor mall area called Westpoint Village, to a place called the "Comfy Cow'.  It's an adorable local joint that makes homemade ice cream and desserts!  It was nice and bright, packed, and eclectically interesting and charming!  There were old-fashioned milk bottles hanging from the ceiling as light fixtures.  The three chalk boards behind the concert had a handwritten (in chalk) menu.  And the ice cream was amazing!!  I decided to get the Lemon Cream and Pistachio.  Gary had the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and we got Madre a Peachy Keen to-go.  Everything was great!  The prices were right too!  I've decided that we definitely need one of these in Marietta... it would fit right in on the square, or definitely in Woodstock!  And next time we come this way, we will stop in and try a new flavor.


The decor is adorable!  So "comfy"!

We've an early start tomorrow, and I'm off to sleep.
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